Cloaking affiliate links will make you more money

What the hell is connection cloaking? To be as simple as you can, cloaking Affiliate links would be the art of displaying your customers so the visitor does not think they’re leaving your website an inner connection when they mouse over an affiliate link.

For example we Used to conduct was a website that supplied universities with leads. We utilized a third party affiliate business to assemble the leads. When someone arrived at our website and wished to ask information from University of Phoenix they needed to click the”request information” button.

When They’d do to the third party affiliate business where they could complete the form and they would be removed from our website. The url will be something such as

So To be able to earn a more user friendly experience we began cloaking affiliate links by developing a php redirect that if they hovered on the”request information” button it revealed the url destination to become

This Sort of connection In order that they’d be cloaking generated a user experience that was stressful They ended up on the affiliate Webpage but we discovered that people would click through to the webpage Links concealed.

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