Ibaka at Mbo native management subject of Akwa Ibom State

Ibaka at Mbo native management subject of Akwa Ibom State, the Nigerian Navy, Forward Operating Base, presumed of 54 suspects were detained a include up to by it and held that a whole of 3,378 bags of rice in the suspects.

The control said that the noodle rice worth roughly fifty-seven million, four hundred and twenty five million naira (57,426,000) were captured along with 14 wooden ships within the span.

Commanding Officer, FOB, Capt. Peter Yilme spoke yesterday in Ibaka while devoting 389 and 261 bags of 50kg rice, along with 8 suspects and two wooden ships in the Republic of Cameroon, which were detained on October 27 and October 29 respectively into the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS).

Yilme who had been symbolized from the Base Operations Officer said Nigerian Navy gunboats detained during a patrol around Parrot Island together Effiat waters manners and Calabar Channel the smugglers out of Cameroon.

He said the control will stay steadfast in combating illegalities and going after individuals who continue to take part from the importation of rice despite the directives of the Federal Government.

While handing over the suspects and captured items he explained,”The Deadly Navy, Forward Operating Base, Ibaka hereby palms over two moderate sized wooden ships laden with 389 and 261 bags of rice detained at Parrot Isle into the Nigeria Customs Service.

The ships alongside its own 8 team were detained through a watch from the fleet ships October 2019 at 0230 on 27 and 29 and approximately 0345 hours,

Obtaining 650 bags of rice the suspects and 2 ships from the Nigerian Navy, Deputy Superintendent of NCS, Alabi Adedokun praised the Navy for its collaboration and to their efforts.

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