How the Caste Factor Played a Role in the Defeat of the Hindus

Today I will examine the reasons for the annihilation of the Hindu armed forces and the enslavement of Hindus for near 900 years by the Muslims and later 200 years by the English. Is it not an unexpected that whenever in the case of during Muslim or British principle the viable quality of the authorities designated to oversee India was just around 100,000, yet they could keep right around 250 million ( populace around then) under pressure?. What could be the explanation?

Before I compose anything further it is essential to comprehend one part of the standing framework. This depends on the laws of Manu and partitions the Hindus into position according to calling. He made the lower and higher position and however the Hindu sacred texts at numerous spots discuss uniformity of man yet at numerous spots ( even the Gita) bolster the Varna framework. Why even Gandhi’s works which are accessible everywhere throughout the net draw out his solid help of the Varna hypothesis.

Tragically, this Varna hypothesis contributed in incredible measure to the destruction of the Hindus. Hindu law set out a particular warrior rank called the Kshatriyas. This class was underdog to Brahmin position and were compelled by a sense of honor to carry weapons and safeguard the country. The lower position,, strikingly the Shudras were illegal to carry weapons on agony of death. What was the outcome? The aftereffect of this disagreeable division of society brought about an enormous piece of Hindu society being denied to carry weapons or partake in military preparing. Accordingly in the event that, the Kshatriyas were under any conditions crushed there was no second line of guard and the trespassers truly kept running over the nation as the Shudra could do nothing aside from watch. At the end of the day, there was no mass obstruction against an intruder.

This was one of the significant explanations behind the destruction of Hindu armed forces. There were others like absence of versatility and strategies, yet the inability to electrify a whole country to battle was annoying. In numerous fights we discover that there was never a national uprising against the trespasser as an enormous piece of the Hindu populace were illegal to carry weapons on agony of death. Regardless of rehashed routs, the Hindus never under any circumstance considered to confer military preparing to the lower ranks. Indeed, even destruction was adequate to balance of standing!

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